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Common Symptoms of Venereal Disease

The words venereal disease are frightening to hear and they make us feel embarrassed. Many people think it is just something that they have in their past and can never be cured. While some believe it is curable, the reality…

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Schizophrenia Definition And What To Expect From Treatment

Schizophrenia definition is something that we have heard before but only now do we have a clear and concise understanding about the disorder itself. The word schizophrenia is actually a very broad term given the classification of psychiatric disorders that…

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Early Detection Is The Key To Saves A Baby’s Life

An ectopic pregnancy happens when a mature egg implants somewhere outside the womb, usually on a fallopian tube, and is not contained within the woman's uterus   Commonly, this occurs in the upper abdomen, on the left side of the…

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Pituitary Gland Function – What You Should Know

Pituitary gland functions have to be checked regularly especially if there are changes in a person's health. The function of the pituitaries is to produce the hormones needed by the body. The pituitary gland produces a hormone called somatostatin, which…

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Spider Bite Pictures

When you think of spider bites and first aid, pictures will come to mind. While not all spiders are dangerous, spider bite first aid needs to be a priority for anyone bitten by spiders.   Although most spiders are not…

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Definition of Muscle Loss

An atrophy definition is the classification of a disease as having an abnormal decrease in muscle mass. This is not a simple process, and there are some significant exceptions to it. The first and most important consideration is whether or…

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Contests and Competitions

I am currently working on entries for the following literary contests and competitions: The Norton Girault Literary Prize Organized by the MFA Creative Writing Program and Barely South Review at Old Dominion University Submission deadline: February 29, 2012 Ploughshares Emerging…

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In Progress

My primary literary work right now is Salve Regina , a novel (which, truth be told, is quickly acquiring Life’s Work proportions in my mind). You can check out an excerpt of Salve here–and please, tell me what you think…

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Improvessaytion » Anne Chaconas, Writer

Writer’s block is a funny thing. It’s not so much a block, for me, as it is a switch. I simply turn off, have no inspiration, can’t think creatively. It doesn’t come from exhaustion, usually, or from overexertion–it simply comes….

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Book Reviews » Anne Chaconas, Writer

I enjoy reading. I especially enjoy reading indie authors. I enjoy it so much, in fact, that I am a blog tour host with Novel Publicity (see my spiffy badge on the sidebar?), and I also run my own book…

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