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Contests and Competitions

I am currently working on entries for the following literary contests and competitions: The Norton Girault Literary Prize Organized by the MFA Creative Writing Program and Barely South Review at Old Dominion University Submission deadline: February 29, 2012 Ploughshares Emerging…

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In Progress

My primary literary work right now is Salve Regina , a novel (which, truth be told, is quickly acquiring Life’s Work proportions in my mind). You can check out an excerpt of Salve here–and please, tell me what you think…

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Improvessaytion » Anne Chaconas, Writer

Writer’s block is a funny thing. It’s not so much a block, for me, as it is a switch. I simply turn off, have no inspiration, can’t think creatively. It doesn’t come from exhaustion, usually, or from overexertion–it simply comes….

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Book Reviews » Anne Chaconas, Writer

I enjoy reading. I especially enjoy reading indie authors. I enjoy it so much, in fact, that I am a blog tour host with Novel Publicity (see my spiffy badge on the sidebar?), and I also run my own book…

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Authors: Learn how to market your book from a seasoned, bestselling pro

It’s my absolute pleasure to host my friend and all-around gorgeous gal Kimberly Karpov-Kinrade today. She’s here to talk about the importance of marketing your book, and to tell us about a course she’ll be teaching soon (which I suggest…

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Excerpt: KISS ME IN PARIS by Karpov Kinrade (+ GIVEAWAY!)

It is my pleasure today to post an excerpt of Karpov Kinrade‘s contemporary new adult romance, Kiss Me in Paris. I love this wife-and-husband author team, and I love this book! It’s currently on sale for $0.99 — you’ve GOT to…

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Tattoo Stories

I got my first tattoo the fall of my sophomore year in college, which means I was…19? And it was late in the year 2000. Wow. 13 years ago. That would explain why it’s so faded. In any case, I…

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Embrace the green cheese

The scene of the crime. A few days ago, I was making Play-Doh figurines with my two-year-old, Zoe (of “52 Stories for Zozo” fame). For her birthday she got a Play-Doh “picnic kit” which came with molds and clay; her…

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52 Stories for Zozo

Posted by Anne Chaconas on Jun 24, 2013 in 52 Stories for Zozo, Blog | My darlin’ Zozo. I can NEVER resist this face–and she knows it. My two-year-old, Zoe, loves to “read” (where she opens up her board books…

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The Non-Sportsman’s Survival Guide to the Super Bowl

In just under three weeks, one of the biggest sporting events of the year will take place: Super Bowl XLVII (aka Super Bowl 2013 or the one where Destiny’s Child is doing the Halftime Show OMG!). This also means that,…

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